EDGEof is a global collaboration platform allowing entrepreneurs, researchers, engineers, creators and any other type of innovator to work together on innovative projects. EDGEof is not merely a match maker connecting start-ups to large corporations, but we are also players: producing and managing projects in collaboration with innovators and supporting overseas to break into the Japanese market through joint ventures.


The 6 founders are all entrepreuneurs and creators with notable achievements, coming from a diverse background of IT, gaming, music and education. They also have access to an outstanding network and community around the world.

We continue to support and search for hidden talent of creators who will lead the future of the world, as well as connecting them to the business world in order to promote new business developments.

Smart & Creative City

We aim to lead social development by working with both public and private institutions. We will also continue to expand our relationship with public institutions overseas.


Creative Meets Technology

We aim to connect the field of business and art / creatives to deliver a new sense of value in many directions.

・Media Ambition Tokyo

Startup Ecosystem Creation

We aim to create a solid start-up ecosystem by partnering with research institutions, public institutions and investors.

・J-Startup Academy
・S-Booster Out Reach

Global Innovators Community

We aim to create a community where innovators from around the world can participate by partnering with a wide network of start-ups, researchers around the world.

・Global relation
・Prosperity Exchange

Entrepreneur Education

We aim to establish an educational program which will nurture innovators in the field of technology, cross cutlure, social problems and creatives.

・Business Model Association

Global Alliances

In House Collaborators